Ebook Review – Auction Traffic Explosion


File Size: 313kb Zipped, 279kb Unzipped.

Number of Pages: 15

Format: Adobe Acrobat (.pdf)

Subject: A guide to how eBay ebook PowerSeller PlanetSMS uses the viral power of eBay to drive visitors to his website.


John Thornhill (aka eBay PowerSeller PlanetSMS) has been selling information products on eBay for many years and has over 10,000 positive feedback comments. He also runs the successful PlanetSMS Newsletter which provides valuable tips to those selling ebooks on eBay.


Auction Traffic Explosion explains how John Thornhill (aka eBay PowerSeller PlanetSMS) has used eBay to drive traffic to his websites and build his mailing list. The topics John covers include:

– Over 30 ways to drive traffic to your Website!!

– How you can use the tools eBay supplies to legally build your List!!

– How to legally put your web address into your Auctions!!

– Why you should be selling info products and the tools you should be using!!

– How to turn your buyers into sellers that ultimately promote you and ultimately make you Money!!

– How to turn Auction Visitors into Subscribers!!

John begins his ebook by explaining the Auction silent auction gift ideas Traffic Explosion system in a nutshell. He then follows this up with 10 reasons why info products are the ‘perfect product’ to sell on eBay. This opening chapter does a good job explaining why you should sell information products. Some of the reasons for selling ebooks are quite basic, and are points that you would naturally associate with ebooks. However, four of John’s reasons are very creative ideas and true examples of using eBay in a creative way. This first chapter is a good introduction to Auction Traffic Explosion and a nice introduction to John’s creative way of thinking about eBay.

The next chapter of Auction Traffic Explosion is ‘Build Build Build’ and as you can probably tell in this chapter John explains why you should be building your mailing list. This information is good information, but is nothing new or unique. If you have read other Internet Marketing ebooks you will already know that building your mailing list should be a number one priority. However, John does offer a few quick but basic list building ideas at the end of the chapter for your consideration. Overall, a good chapter but one that is unlikely to teach you something new.

Following this John moves on to explain how to use eBay auctions to generate website visitors. This is a relatively simple process, but one that relatively few ebook sellers no about. John breaks this whole process down into simple, easy to follow, step by step instructions. First, John explains how your visitors can do one of 6 things when they visit your auction and how 5 of these are beneficial to you. Next he explains how to get visitors to your auction with specific examples. John then finishes the chapter by explaining how you can convert these auction visitors into website visitors and/or newsletter subscribers, again with specific examples. Although I already practice the ideas from this chapter, I still found it one of the best in the ebook. The way John has explained his ideas with specific examples means that the chapter is easy to read, and the information is easy to implement.

The next chapter is ‘Ebay Tools that can generate Website Visitors.’ As you can probably guess from the title, in this chapter of Auction Traffic Explosion you are provided with an explanation of eBay tools that will help you achieve your goal of converting auction visitors to website visitors and/or newsletter subscribers. The tools include the eBay store newsletter feature and Selling Manager Pro. Overall, the information in this chapter is OK but nothing you can’t learn by experimenting with eBay a little bit yourself.

Following this John then moves on to explain how you can legally display your web address in eBay auctions. This is quite a good idea but I don’t personally believe it will generate that much traffic to your website. Also I believe a lot of eBayers will be using this method without actually thinking of it as a traffic generation method. Overall, this is one of Auction Traffic Explosion’s weaker chapters.

Next Auction Traffic Explosion explains how you can get visitors to your websites after the sale. John begins this chapter explaining why you should be doing this. He then moves on to explain how to do this with examples of how he does it himself. I found this chapter very similar to the earlier chapter on using eBay auctions to generate website visitors and/or newsletter subscribers. It contains a lot of good information and creative ideas that are explained in a way that’s easy to follow and implement